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National Priorities

What We Care About
Promote Sail Training
Member vessels and programmes foster opportunities for intensive personal development, a life experience that advances leadership development, an utter reverence for nature, a sense of time and place, an appreciation for history, and essential value of teamwork skills.
Preservation of Maritime Heritage
TallShipsCAN welcomes members who operate Canadian heritage vessels, Canadian Maritime Museums, Canadian Maritime artists and all those dedicated to the significant role that ships have played and continue to play in defining Canada’s maritime history. Working together we can promote and engage Canadians.
Promote Environmental Stewardship
TallShipsCAN supports member vessels’ stewardship of the marine environment, advocating adherence to international and national regulations covering water quality and fish and wildlife protection. We offer pre-boarding information for trainees and support member research into best environmental practices.
Marine Career Advocacy
TallShipsCAN works collaboratively with Marine Training Centres across Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard, the Royal Canadian Navy (HMCS Oriole), and its more than 3500 annual trainees to regularly connect experienced marine personnel and marine schools so that youth may be well-informed about this important Canadian professional service sector.
Support for Canadian Operators
Tall ShipsCAN strives to support members through promoting their programs, group bookings, grant
opportunities and more. Interested in supporting a sail training fund? Contact the Executive Director.
One board member is an advisor to the Canada Legacy Fund committee, a fund established in 2017 by
Rendez-Vous Quebec to support sail training opportunities for Canadians and international trainees to
Canadian vessels.
Organisational and Logistical Support for Canadian Maritime Festivals
TallShipsCAN supports the economic and social impact of tall ship and marine festivals. TallShipsCAN’s presence can include an interactive “Education Tent”; attendees may inquire about joining tall ships and learn about the various careers and opportunities that emerge from the tall ship experience. Recruiters from the Coast Guard, the Navy and Maritime Colleges are there to inform the public.
We also assist port organisers with Transport Canada, Canadian Customs and Border Control, vessel recruitment, security and public visits, vessel service requirements, special deck events for commercial sponsors and the boarding public. We frequently have events for the public and crew during festivals. TallShipsCAN alumni can serve as programme ambassadors for liaison and communications needs.
Regulatory support for member operators
The TallShipsCAN regulatory working committee assesses all manner of regulation that addresses fleet operations, updates members and is the active group that meets directly with Transport Canada. TallShipsCAN’s participation with Transport Canada is rooted in the pursuit of safe, fair and best practices for the tall ship industry.