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Tall ShipsCAN is the voice of sail training in Canada.  Membership in the association states that you believe in youth development through sail training, support marine heritage, an appreciation for the natural environment and value the ability of sailing vessels to help train Canadian mariners.  We are a small team with a volunteer board of directors and committees.  Joining as a Sail Training Operator, Sailing Vessel or as an Organization or Individual who supports the mission will make an impact on the work we do.

Your Tall ShipsCAN membership provides:

  • Sail training for Canadian youth
  • Winter training sessions    
  • Support for vessel operators
  • Social media promotion    
  • Crew exchanges and career opportunities
  • Regulatory support for member operators
  • Advocacy for marine careers
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Engagement in Canadian festivals

STOs operate Transport Canada registered Sail Training Vessels that are appropriately insured for sail trainees or passengers, and which have applied and been approved for membership of the association by the National Sail Training Association.

Operator vessels must comply with the relevant construction, maintenance, safety and crew training requirements of Transport Canada TP13313, relevant to the size and class of their particular vessel. Tall ShipsCAN recognizes that certain exemption certificates may apply.  They must also carry public liability insurance relative to the requirements of the Canadian government. No operator membership will be granted to any non-surveyed, non-commercial vessel.

Annual Revenue
Less than $250K
Annual Revenue
Between $250K and $500K
Annual Revenue
Over 500K
Individuals & Organisations supporting the TSCAN mission

Organisation Members are organisations who are not Individuals nor Operators and have applied and been approved for membership of the association by the Committee in accordance with the Constitution.  This category of membership may include ports, museums, sailing vessels, sail attraction vessels or organizations/businesses that support the Tall ShipsCAN mission.


Individual Members are Canadians who have applied and been approved for membership in the association by the Committee in accordance with the Constitution. Individuals are not Operators nor Organizations or Businesses.



Age 25 and younger
Age 26 and older
No vessel
Orgs & Ports
Applied and approved