Youth Sailor Resources

Photo by Natasha Penner

Tall Ships:

Looking to sail on board a tall ship for the first time? These vessels at Tall ShipsCAN all work with trainees across Canada, and internationally from ages 12-29 (depending on the program). Their 1-3 week voyages will teach you how to live and work aboard a traditionally rigged ship and teach you valuable skills about leadership and teamwork! Courses, or voyages, run from $500 and up CDN and you can sail without any prior sailing experience. Bursary assistance is also available. Please contact members for their bursary program information.

Already sailed with some of these programs and want to try something new? Looking for a tall ship voyage but these vessels cater to individuals under your age range? Don’t live in Canada and just stumbled upon this website by accident? Go to Sail Training International to find tall ships around the world!


Love being on the water? Want to pursue a career in the Maritime industry? Here are a few schools to look into for your post-secondary education!


Are you looking to pursue a career in the Maritime industry? Wondering what jobs are even out there? Many city harbours will have local jobs available on tour boats, ferries, yacht clubs or even dock jobs that you may want to look into. In addition to those, here are some larger companies and institutions that operate in Canada! (Make sure you also check out our info on Schools and Making a Maritime Resume (coming soon).


Anyone can register as a trainee to sail on a tall ship. However, to sail as an officer on board any vessel, including sail training ships, Transport Canada (TC) requires professional qualifications. To acquire these licenses you are required to pass certain exams, take courses in safety and on board equipment and achieve a number of days at sea recorded through Sea-Time testimonials. You can acquire certification either through a Maritime college or through the ‘Hawse-Pipe’ by challenging the exams yourself. Each vessel has their own requirements which can be found on their individual websites.

Check out the Nautical Mind Book Stores website for comprehensive information on all TC Exams and Certifications. If you have any questions or would like to book an exam with TC visit to see which office is in your region.