Picton Castle

The 284-ton Barque Picton Castle is a traditionally rigged and operated sail training ship based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, but best known for her voyages around the world. Since 1997, the ship has made seven voyages around the world, several around the Atlantic Ocean, two trips to the Great Lakes and countless other jaunts up and down the coasts of the U.S. and Canada, and the Caribbean. Along the way we’ve introduced more than 2000 people to the rewards of square-rigged sailing.

In 2006, Tall Ships America named us Sail Training Program of the Year and in 2018 Sail Training International gave us the same honour. In 2011, our skipper, Capt. Daniel Moreland, was named Sail Trainer of the Year by Sail Training International, and he received the Lifetime Achievement award from Tall Ships America in 2016. In addition, Picton Castle is the co-flagship of the Cook Islands Voyaging Society.

As a training ship all on board work, stand watch, and learn the ways of a square-rigged sailing ship. Workshops are conducted in wire and rope rigging, sail making, boat handling, navigation, and practical seamanship. The ship also delivers much-needed educational materials and other supplies to the remote islands she visits. She is outfitted to the highest standard with safety gear and equipment.

Picton Castle’s voyages are open to adults ages 18 and up from all nationalities. No sailing experience is required, just good health, a positive attitude, and the desire to be a part of the ship’s working crew.

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