Mimi Jane

Designer and boat builder Murielle Ovenden had a dream and she made it happen, with support of her husband (and crew – Mark)!  This project is born from our romantic passion for classic boats (and a lot of naive ambition). The boat is inspired by Brittany’s traditional sailing work boats, more precisely the tuna fishing dundees from Concarneau.  It is built of steel but to have the charm and details of a traditionally built wood boat.


Murielle was born in Brittany, in Brest, with that genetic particularity that gives her a natural call to the sea. She is a dreamer, passionate, and takes interest in everything.

In the team, she is the creative mind with a mix of technological and artistic sense. She is not afraid of hard work and needs to keep her hands busy; to create. Murielle did her schooling in mechanical engineering technologies; learning to design and fabricate. Of course this background has provided her assets and confidence in this boat building adventure.


Mimi Jane was launched in June 2022 and is not being used as a sail training vessel.  To learn more about the vessel, the build journey and the crew, visit their website.


Website: http://mimijane.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DundeeMimiJane

Email: [email protected]